Pulmonica Harmonica Helps Patients Manage Asthma, COPD According To Experts

Pulmonica Harmonica Helps Patients Manage Asthma, COPD According To Experts

shutterstock_93530611Asthma can be a debilitating chronic condition. For some, it is relatively easy to keep attacks at bay, but many suffer from daily asthma flare ups that can greatly reduce one’s quality of life. This is especially true among children. It is estimated that there are over 5 million children under the age of 18 who are affected by asthma.

The creator of Pulmonica Pulmonary Harmonica, Dana Keller, Ph.D., recently presented her novel device to asthma experts during the Association of Asthma Educators conference held in San Antonio, which was met with enthusiasm among lung disease experts. According to a pair of educators from Texas and New York, they can imagine the Pulmonica having a particularly effective niche with kids who suffer from lung disease.

The Pulmonica is low-tuned instrument specially designed to emit deep, resonant, relaxing sounds that vibrate through the lung structures and sinuses. Keller emphasizes that its usage does not require musical skill — only long, deep breaths. It is meant to promote airway clearance, oxygenation, and strengthening of respiratory muscles, as well as ease any anxiety related to the disease, especially in the event of an impending attack.

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Keller noted that one of the participants in a clinical study said that he felt more relaxed thanks to the Pulmonica. He said the device helps him feel less threatened about not being able to breathe, so he’s been engaging in more outdoor and physical activities only a few days after he started using it. In addition, a volunteer at the Sarasota Senior Friendship Center said that she’s always had limited lung capacity from her childhood asthma, which makes it difficult to hold a long conversation.

Pulmonica for Asthma, COPD

She claims that since she started using Pulmonica, she has felt less breathless.

The device has also received stellar Amazon reviews from both parents, patients, and healthcare professionals. One parent claims her asthmatic daughter has stopped taking Prednisone after using the Pulmonica nightly, while Dr. Stephen Darlin posted a “Physician Recommended” review saying it has the potential to be an indispensable adjunct in managing COPD.

Another fun, effective treatment for pulmonary conditions that benefit from saline instillation is surfing. A few years ago, Australian doctors observed surfers with cystic fibrosis had better lung function than those who relied on regular treatment.

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