Kristin Chenoweth Talks about Struggle with Asthma to Encourage Others

Kristin Chenoweth Talks about Struggle with Asthma to Encourage Others

Kristin ChenowethCanadian publisher Mediaplanet has launched an awareness campaign to support underfunded and underrepresented pulmonary conditions in collaboration with several health organizations throughout the country. The campaign is called Lung Health and has recently released its second cross-platform edition, featuring an interview with Broadway and TV star Kristin Chenoweth, who is an asthma patient that not only fights to have a healthy life, but also wants to encourage others to do the same.

Chenoweth, who is known from the TV shows Glee and Bewitched, has been living with asthma throughout her career and has to manage her activities while dealing with the disease. However, she believes that, “it’s possible for people with asthma to live healthy and active lives, as long as the condition is being safely and properly managed,” as Chenoweth explained in a recent interview for the Lung Health campaign.

“Just look at me — I’m a prime example of how you can live beyond the condition and continue doing what you love!” she said, noting her daily habits and what she does to control her asthma. The star has joined the awareness initiative to help others in Canada suffering with the disease, and to encourage them not to feel limited by asthma.

Similarly, actress and director Rose McGowan also joined the campaign to advocate for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a rare and life-threatening disease of the lungs that affected her family when her father was diagnosed and later died from it. Due to her close experience with the disease and patients suffering from it, the actress understands the urgency of engaging in awareness campaigns. “Every time you breathe, you’re one step closer to your death. Your lungs scar, so the air that gives you life is killing you,” she said in a Q&A interview for the campaign.

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Television star Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes has also participated in the second cross-platform edition of the campaign by talking about the role of protecting not only family members, but also the homes we live in by testing for radon in order to engage in preventive methods to improve long term lung health and quality of life.

The campaign is being run by Mediaplanet with the help of The Asthma Society of Canada, the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Fellowes, the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, and The Lung Association of Ontario. The print component of the campaign is being distributed in the edition of Home and Business subscription of the Toronto Star. In addition, the campaign is also comprised of a digital channel, which can be seen here.

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