Celebrities and Survivors Join LUNGevity #ChangeLC Lung Cancer Campaign

Celebrities and Survivors Join LUNGevity #ChangeLC Lung Cancer Campaign
Chris Draft and Dan Powell
Chris Draft and Dan Powell

In support of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, LUNGevity Foundation’s Stop Lung Cancer wrist bands are showing up everywhere to highlight the fight against lung cancer. Supporting promising research to fight the disease, survivors, celebrities, and others from all over the United States have already joined the foundation by sharing information on their social networks using the hashtag #ChangeLC.

The bands are quickly becoming a high-profile symbol of the campaign, with reality show star Bret Michaels wearing a blue one on his iconic bandana. Actor Stephen Lang, known for movies like Avatar and Conan the Barbarian, also joined the cause by sporting a bandy in a recent photo. Lung cancer survivor Dan Powell posted a photo alongside former NFL player Chris Draft on Facebook. Even photos of pets have been shown in photos wearing the bands on their paws.

Participants from all over country are not only sharing photos of the LUNGevity bands, but also including messages like “Every 2.5 minutes someone is diagnosed with lung cancer” or “You only need lungs to get lung cancer.” 

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The #ChangeLC campaign has reached the Facebook community, raised the foundation’s Twitter followers by 351.7 percent compared to the same period last year, and helped launch the organization’s Instagram account. Along with other activities of the awareness month, the LUNGevity Foundation is using the campaign to engage constituents and make a difference.

“LUNGevity Foundation is thrilled that actors, musicians, doctors, survivors, and social media users of all ages are uniting to raise awareness of lung cancer, a disease that is making its way into the spotlight.  The #ChangeLC campaign is using social media to advance the nation’s general understanding about our top cancer killer and to address an important fact: lung cancer can affect all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or smoking history,” said the president and chairman of LUNGevity, Andrea Ferris. “Knowing the facts about lung cancer can help people catch the disease at its earliest, most treatable stages and, as a result, save thousands of lives.”

LUNGevity Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life and survivorship of patients suffering from lung cancer, which include about 1 in every 14 Americans. Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer, and while it is traditionally thought of as a disease related to smokers, currently about 60 percent of new cases are patients who have never smoked or quit. The foundation is committed to advancing research in order to improve early detection, create more effective treatments, and provide support and education to  communities.

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