New Scottsdale Lung Institute Clinic to Treat, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD & Other Lung Diseases

New Scottsdale Lung Institute Clinic to Treat, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD & Other Lung Diseases

shutterstock_153263399jThe Lung Institute has announced the opening of a new clinic in Scottsdale, AZ this February. This will be the Institute’s third location in the United States; the two other sites are in Nashville and Tampa.

The Lung Institute is focused on providing patients ways to effectively treat pulmonary diseases and conditions instead of just managing symptoms. This approach results in a significant overall improvement of patients’ quality of life. The usage of innovative technology in harmony with advanced stem cell treatments is what enables the Lung Institute to carry on their mission of providing excellence in care to patients with lung diseases.

Dr. Burton Feinerman, medical director and leading expert in the regenerative medicine field, has served as the head of the Lung Institute and has led it to performing several hundred minimally-invasive outpatient stem cell treatments for a wide variety of lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitispulmonary fibrosisinterstitial lung disease and emphysema.

In addition to serving lung disease patients in the Scottsdale community, the center will generate jobs in medical, administrative industries and sales beyond the treatment center itself. “Additionally, local businesses, and the medical tourism industry of the Scottsdale area will benefit, as most patients travel for treatment. By utilizing their full-service patient coordinator services, The Lung Institute plans to actively promote all that Scottsdale has to offer as an ancillary benefit to obtaining advanced treatment for lung disease,” as quoted in a press release.

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An opening ceremony will take place at the new Lung Institute’s facility (8377 East Hartford Drive in Scottsdale) with the corporate team, community representatives and attendees from the Scottsdale and Phoenix Chambers of Commerce. The clinic will begin to offer treatments on February 9.

“We are very excited to join the vibrant Scottsdale community and provide even greater access to convenient care for our patients. Through stem cell therapy, we hope to offer patients an alternative method to treat their lung disease while enjoying an exceptional local environment,” added the Lung Institute’s Executive Vice President Lynne Flaherty.

For more information about the Lung Institute, access the official website at

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