AffloVest Proven Effective in Teenagers with Cystic Fibrosis

AffloVest Proven Effective in Teenagers with Cystic Fibrosis

The lung clearance therapeutic device AffloVest has been proven effective in the treatment of adolescents who suffer from cystic fibrosis (CF) in a recent study conducted by Michael Cooper, RT, of Chicago, IL. The research demonstrated the improvements in the lung function of CF teenage patients who used the AffloVest for several months, in comparison with patients who used older air bladder technology devices.

The study entitled “An evidence-based study of adolescents with cystic fibrosis demonstrated that AffloVest® by International Biophysics contributed to improved lung function scores” included five adolescents who suffer from CF and was conducted after Michael Cooper measured the differences between his patients’ lung function while previously using different high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) devices.

Cooper, who is focused on improving long-term health care and quality of life of patients who suffer from chronic breathing impairment, analyzed the results of the patients’ lung function and demonstrated the effectiveness of the AffloVest. The HFCWO device was developed and is commercialized by Austin, Texas-based International Biophysics Corporation and can be used by patients with CF, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis or other related respiratory ailments.

“When I see something good, I start gathering data and that lead to my clinical study,” explained Cooper in a press release. “I saw my patient’s numbers improving, and I believed we had something that could help my patients live longer, better lives. These teens were wearing AffloVest while playing basketball and dancing, something I had never seen before.”

The AffloVest is designed to not only improve lung function through the clearance of mucus, but also to be a more comfortable, portable, and quieter method of treatment compared to the older air bladder vests. With the AffloVest, the treatment can be at home, but is totally portable and virtually silent. Being self-contained, quiet and equipped with a rechargeable battery, it gives patients more freedom and mobility.

The AffloVest, which entered the U.S. markets in 2013, works by using a mechanical wave technology that creates waveforms from 8 oscillating motors sewn into the vest and generating disruption of the lung secretions for them to be expelled. While there have been air bladder vests on the market since the 1980s, they were usually loud devices that needed to be used while patients were laying in bed.

“Many devices and variables can improve lung function scores, but they are usually less than 10%, which is considered suboptimal,” stated Cooper. “But when you see 11.5% improvements, I knew we had something important here. Compliance can be tough, especially with adolescents and college-aged patients. With the freedom and mobility the AffloVest provided, I knew my patient’s were doing their treatments. The improved numbers confirmed what they were telling me.”

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In his study, the physicians analyzed the lung function improvements through measuring levels of FEV1. “With the AffloVest, I saw an overall 11.5% increase, with one patient achieving an 18.8% increase. I felt that I had uncovered a true clinical discovery. In addition, I also noted positive changes on the FVC, FVC to FEV1 ratio as well as favorable results in the FEF 25/75,” added Cooper.

“We are pleased to see these enhanced lung function scores in Mr. Cooper’s CF patients,” stated the CEO of International Biophysics Corporation, David Shockley. “When he contacted us about his clinical study, we didn’t even know that he had done this study. However, the results reinforced the positive feedback we had received from other patients and clinicians over the last year.”

“It is so rare now to see a clinical study being done without corporate funding or direction. Mr. Cooper is a true investigating clinician who deeply cares about his patient’s well-being. He told me he wants the very best for “his kids” as he refers to them. It is so gratifying to see how the AffloVest is truly impacting these lives,” added Shockley.

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