LUNGevity’s Lung Cancer Hope Month Celebrates Progress And Promise Of Lung Cancer Research

LUNGevity’s Lung Cancer Hope Month Celebrates Progress And Promise Of Lung Cancer Research

The LUNGevity Foundation, a leading nonprofit lung cancer organization, will kick off Lung Cancer Hope Month in May with the HOPE Summit, the inspiring 5th annual survivor-ship summit in Washington, D.C., and the “Hope Challenge,” a new and exciting social media campaign that Hayley Orrantia, an actress on ABC’s “The Goldbergs” and recording artist have created and launched in support of advocating for the disease. Lung Cancer Hope Month is an addition to November’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month in order to keep raising awareness about lung cancer and recognition of the remarkable progress that science and research has made towards a cure.

In the first weekend of May, survivors, researchers and medical professionals will come together for LUNGevity’s 5th annual HOPE Summit. The conference represents an opportunity for the lung cancer community to attend educational sessions, celebrate survivorship and unite with others who are connected to the disease. Leading scientists will discuss treatment possibilities that are currently available and novel advancements in process. The summit is expected to feature more than 150 lung cancer survivors from several parts of the country.

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Hayley Orrantia will share a video from her recording sessions in order to launch the new “Hope Challenge” that shows “what takes her breath away,” and reminds others to “not let lung cancer take yours.” Hayley suggests everyone make a video to also share what takes their breath away. The viewers will be encouraged to engage her in supporting the cause and to call out friends to do repeat the gesture; everyone is being challenged to share their videos on social media through the hashtag #ChangeLC and Hayley’s hashtag #HayleyOrrantia. Videos can use any approach such as serious, funny, clever, hopeful or touching and Hayley will share directly in her social accounts those that take her breath away. Visit

2015 is already showing great promise for changing lung cancer outcomes. “We have entered a time in which lung cancer research is progressing at an unprecedented rate, making groundbreaking treatments available to those diagnosed and improving ways to find lung cancer earlier. These advances are changing outcomes for survivors,” said the president and chairman of LUNGevity, Andrea Ferris.


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