Asthma Society of Canada Launches New Asthma Research Fund

The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) is launching a new fund designed to support promising research focused on finding a cure for asthma. The new Dr. Goran Enhorning Asthma Research Fund is the result of an unprecedented gift of $230,000 from the Dr. Goran Enhorning Foundation for Pulmonary Research, and it will be used to continue the revolutionary research initiated by Enhorning in the 1960s, as well as to encourage others to support further research into this widely prevalent disease.

The organization announced the creation of the research fund, the total amount of which was not disclosed, to decrease the burden of the disease that affects more than 3 million people in the country. “The Asthma Society of Canada has been a leader in asthma support, research and education.  I am confident that through this contribution we will one day see a cure for asthma,” said Dag Enhorning, the son of Dr. Enhorning, and founder of the Enhorning Foundation.

Between 150,000 and 250,000 Canadians suffer from severe asthma, and 250 die every year from the disease. Dr. Enhorning is among the contributors to the advancement of the asthma research field. His previous studies have focused on Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome (IRDS), as well as the development of a treatment for the condition. As a result of his work, medical products were developed and are currently used worldwide by patients with IRDS.

Over the past 20 years, the results of Dr. Enhorning’s research projects have helped numerous premature children breathe normally. The substance surfactant Enhorning helped develop is able to change the surface tension experienced between a liquid and air or between liquids and solid surfaces. Due to this alteration, patients can breathe easier, since this is an important component of the human lungs.

In addition, Dr.Enhorning started studying the influence of his discoveries regarding IRDS in patients with asthma in 1989. He worked on the relationship between asthma and pulmonary surfactant function and had fully shifted his attention to studying asthma, but died before finishing this work. The organization is now focused on asthma and continuing the research started by Dr. Enhorning.

“The Asthma Society is deeply thankful for the generosity of Mr. Enhorning,” said ASC Acting President and CEO Noah Farber.  “It is contributions like this that provide people with asthma with hope that a cure can be found.”

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