StopCOPD App Lets COPD Patients Share Their Daily Challenges

StopCOPD App Lets COPD Patients Share Their Daily Challenges

The StopCOPD app is a new way for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients to participate in the COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (COPD PPRN), a large-scale and state-of-the-art monitoring survey to involve some 75,000 COPD patients. The COPD Foundation announced that the effort is part of the ResearchKit group, which is using the technology to better understanding of the challenges faced by people with chronicL diseases.

StopCOPD app runs the latest ResearchKit™ software, an Apple product, making it much easier for research teams to gather consistent and accurate data by monitoring patients through their iPhones. Participants can complete easy tasks or submit survey answers at their convenience, using the interactive StopCOPD app.

“I am extremely pleased we are able to introduce the StopCOPD app. We are constantly looking for ways to engage, empower, and inform both the patient and research community and this platform enables us to reach an even greater number of people than ever before using the most advanced and sophisticated technology,” said John W. Walsh, the president and co-founder of the COPD Foundation and lead investigator for COPD PPRN. “Many leading research institutions have created apps with ResearchKit in the areas of asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. We are delighted that we are able to offer a new app for COPD, a lung disease which is the third leading cause of death in America.”

The COPD Foundation partnered with DatStat, a Seattle-based company, to develop the StopCOPD app. Its features include:

  • Surveys: COPD PPRN surveys and  other educational information;
  • Active tasks: users can share personal information by performing a set of activities, like motor, fitness, cognition and voice;
  • Integration between desktop and mobile: accessing the StopCOPD app is easily done though iPhones or desktop browsers, via an online website. Data can be saved and tasks resumed where they were left off.

The app also includes an informed consent form for COPD patients taking part in the survey, and plans are to eventually allow participants to compare their personal data with other participants.

“Now more than ever, technology has the power to link researchers and patients while significantly accelerating the way valuable information is collected,” said Vincent Malanga, Chief Information Officer for the COPD Foundation. “By using the ResearchKit open source framework coupled with the technology infrastructure developed and deployed by DatStat, the StopCOPD app will help the COPD Foundation revolutionize the way we are engaging with research.”

Use this link to download the StopCOPD app via iTunes. The app is available for use on iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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