Inova’s Lung Cancer Support Group Recognized as National Leader by Lung Cancer Alliance

Inova’s Lung Cancer Support Group Recognized as National Leader by Lung Cancer Alliance

Inova healthcare system recently announced that The Lung Cancer Alliance, a national organization that provides lung cancer support and advocates for increased funding for cancer research, has recognized its Life with Cancer lung cancer support group as the country’s leading lung cancer support group.

The 10-year-old support group assists and guides patients and loved ones through the complexities of their cancer journey, according to a press release.

Lung cancer can start in the cells lining the bronchi, the bronchioles or the alveoli. There are two main types of lung cancer: small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Cells from lung cancer can break away from the original tumor formation and spread, or metastasize, to other parts of the patient’s body. This may happen even before a diagnosis is possible.

This type of cancer can have a huge emotional toll on patients and families, which is why support groups are considered so important in the community.

“The goal of Life with Cancer is to support and enhance the quality of life for individuals facing cancer by offering information, education and support,” said Carrie Friedman, manager of Oncology Navigation and Counseling, in a press release. “And while we are honored to receive this award, we believe it truly belongs to our wonderful participants, who share their stories, offer each other hope and support, and work together in the fight against lung cancer.”

Inova is a not-for-profit healthcare system in Northern Virginia that serves more than two million people each year. Its hospitals, outpatient services and facilities, health and wellness initiatives, primary and specialty care practices, neonatal intensive care unit and Level 1 trauma center serve more than two million people a year.

Inova’s Life with Cancer centers serve patients at all Inova hospitals and at the Fairfax, Virginia, Life with Cancer Family Center. Life with Cancer programs are free to everyone, regardless of whether they receive treatment at an Inova facility. Programs include workshops, educational seminars, individual and family counseling, support groups, nursing education, navigation to provide assistance in times of need, information about specific cancers, and wellness and exercise programs.

For more information on Inova’s facilities, please visit their website.

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