Aptar Introduces an eDose Counter Aiming to Make Asthma and COPD Inhalers Easier to Use

Aptar Introduces an eDose Counter Aiming to Make Asthma and COPD Inhalers Easier to Use

Aptar Pharma, which specializes in injection, aerosol, and spray delivery systems for healthcare and biotech products, unveiled its newest improvement to metered dose inhaler (MDIs) at the recent RDD scientific conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Aptar’s electronic eDose Counter for MDIs is designed to improve asthma and pulmonary disease (COPD) patient medication adherence — a major health and economic challenge.

AptarlogoSeveral studies report extremely poor compliance with asthma medication treatment schedules, the company noted, with non-adherence varying from 30 percent to 70 percent.

Under U.S. Food And Drug Administration guidelines (March 2003, Integration of Dose-Counting Mechanisms into MDI Drug Products), drug manufacturers are recommended to incorporate a dose-counting system into any new MDI products marketed in the country. Patients also find dose counters of benefit, as they enable users to easily identify how many doses are left in the inhalers, helping them to avoid running out of medication unexpectedly.

AptarinhalerAptar notes that the global MDI market has followed the FDA’s lead, with multiple MDI drug products incorporating some form of dose-tracking system whether or not they are marketed in the U.S. These include Skye Pharma’s Flutiform, which is equipped with Aptar Pharma’s Landmark dose indicator.

According to Aptar, current MDI dose counters and indicators use mechanical technology, and while this technology provides broad opportunity to design simple and cost-effective MDI devices, it does not consistently satisfy the expectations of users and other stakeholders. Reasons for this include the poor legibility of numbers on its metered readout, and a lack of physical robustness that can impact safety (e.g., miscounting dosing events).

The vast selection of electronic components available today offers an array of possibilities for displaying large, legible and clear counter digits, which are especially important for older patients, the company said. In addition, the incorporation of electronic technology enables these systems to not only count doses, but also to provide visual MDI priming reminders and feedback on use, as well as warnings concerning end-of-product-life. Electronic technology is a move toward comprehensive connected inhaler solutions.

Aptar Pharma’s MDI eDose Counter and Sensing Technology

Aptar Pharma observes that MDIs are complex systems that must integrate several key components, like a metering valve, canister and actuator — carefully designed and manufactured to ensure they will work together effectively, particularly the valve and the dose counter.

PardongeJMAptarThe company’s patented eDose Counter for MDIs is designed to be easy-to-use, reliable, and cost effective, and to contribute to patient compliance through Aptar’s proprietary sensing technology, which is compatible with any metering valve design, offering direct detection of the medication spray and eliminating the risk of miscounting. In addition, the eDose Counter includes inhaler priming, medication reminders, and end-of-product-life warnings with flashing digits.

“Aptar Pharma is very pleased to launch our novel electronic Dose Counter for MDIs. We believe the combination of Aptar Pharmas expertise in MDI valves and dose counters with our experience in electronically-assisted drug delivery devices creates a compelling offer to meet the needs of Asthma & CODP patients,” Jean-Marc Pardonge, president of Aptar Pharma Prescription Division, said in a news release.

For more information on Aptar Pharma’s eDose Counter for MDIs, visit www.aptar.com/pharma

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