MURDOCK Study Aims to Determine Real-World Impact of COPD

MURDOCK Study Aims to Determine Real-World Impact of COPD

The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), the MURDOCK Study and Boehringer Ingelheim are collaborating on a new observational study to understand the real-world impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The MURDOCK COPD Study (NCT02838108) will follow 850 people with COPD to measure changes in participants’ health and to understand how the disease progresses in a community setting over a period of five years.

Most of our knowledge of COPD management stems from trials that follow strict criteria; however, these practices might not represent real-world outcomes.

“Much of what we have learned about COPD to date has been gathered from research done in large academic medical centers. But for this study, we have the unique opportunity to work with the MURDOCK Study to better understand the progression and management of COPD in a community setting,” Jamie Todd, MD, co-principal investigator of the MURDOCK COPD Study, said in a DCRI news release.

Scott Palmer, MD, principal investigator, said “this observational study will create a diverse group of participants with COPD who will be followed for years, allowing us to better understand the impact and progression of COPD in a community.”

Results of the study could help researchers develop a better way for healthcare providers to assess COPD progression in patients, and it could provide new insights into lung function, exercise capacity and symptoms. Results might also help researchers understand patterns of COPD therapy and create better benchmarks for evaluating disease progression.

The MURDOCK COPD Study is recruiting adults older than 40 who have COPD as determined by a breathing test performed during a screening visit. Enrollment is open to all who qualify, despite their geographical location.

Participants can withdraw at any time and there will be compensation for each in-person visit. People who are listed for a lung transplant and people who are participating in an investigational drug trial will not qualify for this study.

For more information about the trial, call 704-250-5861 or email [email protected]. People can also visit

“Boehringer Ingelheim is proud to be a part of this important study to explore COPD itself with the goal of ultimately improving the care for people living with this chronic respiratory disease,” said Danny McBryan, MD, head of clinical development and medical affairs, Respiratory, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals.

“For over 40 years, we have had an unwavering commitment to the COPD community, and we will continue to support important research efforts, such as the MURDOCK Study, that strive to provide new answers and new hope from people living with COPD.” McBryan added.

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  1. Megan Shafer says:

    Could you please quit doing repeated studies. And, actually make a great advancement or Heaven forbid cure this very, very old disease….it doesn’t take a mensa to figure out…it’s a greed driven disease. If you take the repeated and over repeated studies out of the equation….all that wasted money this disease could have been cured….Greed….and this disease could happen to you or someone you love. Why don’t you do the right thing….research a cure…what your doing has been done…and redone over and over. We’ve seen it,

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