Former Football Player Helping CF Patients Obtain AffloVest Airway-clearing Devices

Former Football Player Helping CF Patients Obtain AffloVest Airway-clearing Devices

A former American football player’s foundation is teaming up with AffloVest to provide one of the company’s airway-clearing devices to a cystic fibrosis patient in each of the 50 states.

The partners are the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation and International Biophysics Corporation. Underwood was a San Diego Chargers linebacker whose cousin had CF.

Lung health depends on effective airway clearance. When clearance is compromised, mucus builds up in the airways, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and increase the risk of infection.

The portable, battery-powered AffloVest is a high-frequency chest wall oscillation vest. It uses rapidly repeating vibrations of different frequencies on the chest wall to loosen mucus, and promote a cough that the patient can use to clear it.

Clinician papers support the use of AffloVest in improving both breathing scores and lung function.

Doctors prescribe the vest to people with severe respiratory diseases, including CF, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and bronchiectasis.

Because it weighs about eight pounds, on average, the AffloVest gives patients the freedom to move around and perform daily activities.

The Colton Underwood Foundation will consider applications for the vests based on patients’ physical and financial needs and the effect the devices are likely to have impact on patients’ quality of life. Deliveries will begin in January 2018.

“We are thrilled and honored to work with Colton and his Legacy Foundation to help cystic fibrosis patients across the country,” David Shockley Jr., the CEO of International Biophysics, said in a press release. “We share a commitment to helping improve the quality of life for these patients and are excited to be working together on the project.”

“We are now accepting nominations for patient recipients and will be giving away the first AffloVest in January 2018 in Denver, Colorado,” Underwood said. “We greatly appreciate International Biophysics’ sponsorship of the project and are looking forward to working together to help patients across the U.S. receive next-generation treatment.

Underwood started the foundation in 2015 to encourage youth participation in athletics and to  support people with CF and research into the disease.

For more information about the AffloVest program, including how to apply, and to learn about the winners, please visit this link.

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