Online Medical Info Site Launches COPD Knowledge Center

Online Medical Info Site Launches COPD Knowledge Center

shutterstock_192753500According to the World Health Organization, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is expected to rank as the world’s 5th chief cause of disability by the year 2030. While COPD is connected to morbidity, it can also significantly reduce patients’ quality of life and lead to a wide range of complications, or compound a separate health condition’s effects because of inefficient oxygenation. This deficiency is caused by one or more of the following effects of COPD:

  • Loss of airway and alveolar elastic quality.
  • Destruction of alveolar walls
  • Lung structure inflammation
  • Overproduction of mucus and inefficient lung clearance

One of the main focuses of health care providers is to provide effective relief of symptoms, especially in the morning, when they are at their worst. To help make this possible, online source of health and medical information for professionals — EPG Health Media Ltd. recently teamed up with an unnamed pharmaceutical company to launch the COPD Knowledge Centre on their website,

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The online center for information is specially formatted for specialists in the field of pulmonology such as respiratory therapists, pulmonologist, general practitioners, and other allied health professionals. Access is complimentary and includes the latest updates on recommended evidence-based practices in a wide range of multimedia formats such as videos, infographics, slideshows, etc.

Chris Cooper, the Managing Director of EPG, said that they recognize health care providers’ busy schedules and difficulty in obtaining updated information on best practices, which is why they have made it easier and more convenient through an online, digital platform.

EPG Health Media boasts a number of online various disease Knowledge Centers, including a database of prescription drugs in 9 European languages, reports on clinical trials, treatment guidelines, medical news, abstracts, multimedia, and apps.

In other news on lung diseases, a study recently conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest adverse childhood experiences (ACE) may be related to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the future, especially among women.

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