New Educational Childhood Asthma Campaign Launched by the American Lung Association and WellPoint

New Educational Childhood Asthma Campaign Launched by the American Lung Association and WellPoint

childhood asthmaThe American Lung Association has partnered with WellPoint for the development of an informative learning series, called the Pediatric Learning Collaborative on Childhood Asthma program, to support children suffering from asthma, a life threatening disease that affects more than seven million children in the United States alone.

The organization believes that improving education and information will decrease the negative effects of childhood asthma, as well as improve control and management of its symptoms. The campaign will include both health care providers, families, schools and communities in order to learn about the latest educational informational and practices on asthma. The educational seminars and asthma intervention programs being provided by the American Lung Association and WellPoint include interactive webinars and a focus on child “well visits” and immunizations.

“The American Lung Association is committed to promoting optimal care for children which includes helping health care providers learn and apply helpful information and positive experiences to enhance the health of our nation’s children” explained the director of asthma education for the American Lung Association, Barbara Kaplan, MPH CHES, who is one of the presenters in the series. “We are glad to be working with WellPoint on this project and believe it’s a great opportunity for health advocates to join the conversation and implement solutions that support children’s health today and in the future.”

The Pediatric Learning Collaborative on Childhood Asthma program is available to network providers who are part of WellPoint’s affiliated health plans’ Enhanced Personal Health Care arrangements.

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“WellPoint and its affiliated health plans have been very supportive of our health care initiatives such as the patient-centered medical home and population health management. They provide us with actionable reports that the quality nurses can use to improve patient outcomes,” said Judith E. Minaudo R.N. and quality improvement manager and patient-centered medical home coordinator with Central Ohio Primary Care. “Our quality team has built valuable relationships with their quality team. Our goals are aligned; they value us as their partner.”

The educational program is also focused on the idea of knowledge and experience sharing. The series was developed as way of supporting families with children and adolescents suffering from asthma, but the webinars are also focused on the importance of the participation of healthcare providers, organizations, schools and communities — all collaborating to help young patients.

“WellPoint is pleased to join with the American Lung Association in creating this forum for exchanging ideas and solutions to help America’s children with asthma feel better and live healthier,” said the vice president of payment innovation for WellPoint, Amy Cheslock. “It’s truly remarkable the progress we can make when we share our knowledge and apply it collectively to common practice.”

It is estimated that 3 in every 30 school-aged children suffer from asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making it a serious pediatric health condition. The symptoms associated with asthma sometimes prevent children from going to school and may lead to hospitalizations.

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