Independence Blue Cross Launches Asthma Management App

Independence Blue Cross Launches Asthma Management App

CareCam Health SystemsIndependence Blue Cross (IBX), a health insurance company serving southeastern Pennsylvania, is now supporting the use of an app focused on the self-management of chronic conditions, called the CareCam Health Systems. The insurance company is now offering the mobile phone and tablet resource for free in order to support patients’ proactive health management, particularly focusing on patients with asthma and diabetes.

The CareCam Health Systems app requires patients to fill out a health survey after downloading the free app, which releases a daily personalized schedule with healthcare activities to be integrated according to each patient’s lifestyle. The app is expected to help patients with conditions such as asthma and diabetes adapt more easily to therapeutic plans determined by their physicians.

“At Independence, we are deeply committed to creating innovative ways to further improve the health of our members, which is why we’ve invested in CareCam,” said in a press release the president and CEO of IBX, Daniel J. Hilferty. “From partnering with nationally known innovators, to working with new startups, we are always looking for ways to support innovations that help our members better and more easily manage their health.”

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Everyday patients are reminded to engage in health exercises and activities that help them manage the disease more efficiently, including measuring the peak flow of the breathing rate, taking medication according to schedule, and exercise. The app also gives real-time personalized feedback on performance, as well as daily, weekly and monthly summaries that can be shared with the physician.

“CareCam focuses on engaging patients in the management of their own health, which is a critical missing link for successful, scalable, and cost-effective chronic care management,” explained the chairman and CEO of CareCam, Hal Rosenbluth. “We capitalize on the power of mobile technology to engage and empower people with chronic conditions, providing them with a convenient, 24/7 resource for support in managing their care.”

In addition to the daily features offered by the app, there is also the possibility of accessing an interactive library called vLearning that is comprised of short and concise online videos on the disease and other health care topics.

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