Nonin Medical’s COPD STEP™ Plan Set to be implemented in U.S hospitals This Month

Nonin Medical’s COPD STEP™ Plan Set to be implemented in U.S hospitals This Month

Nonin Medical, Inc., the company that invented the finger pulse oximeter, and Tri-anim Health Services, Inc., a company specialized in providing innovative products and clinical expertise to hospitals, have partnered in an effort to establish the COPD STEP™ (Seamless Treatment and Exacerbation Prevention) Plan in U.S. hospitals, starting this month. The announcement was presented by Nonin at the 2015 American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Congress.

The COPD STEP™ Plan was developed by Nonin Medical, Inc. and aims to reduce hospitalizations, readmissions and costs related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), while at the same time providing relief and better quality of life to patients. Tri-anim will provide the plan, which includes the GO2® personal pulse oximeter (Curaplex®) that will give patients accurate readings of pulse oximeter, allowing precise management of oxygen therapy and recognition of onset of an exacerbation. COPD is a debilitating lung disease that affects over 24 million Americans, according to the COPD Foundation. It is characterized by frequent readmissions within 30 days of the acute exacerbation treatment, presenting serious economic costs for the health system.

Lead pulmonologist Brian Carlin, MD, who along with Brian Tiep, MD, and respiratory therapists Trina Limbergand Bob McCoy, created the Nonin COPD STEP Plan, commented in a press release on the need for this plan in COPD treatment, “We have learned that COPD can be better managed by using a patient-centered model that works across the care continuum. This typically includes using a higher quality, accurate personal pulse oximeter at home to monitor blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.”

COPD STEP Plan addresses both the acute phase treatment and the chronic management of the disease at home or clinic, which is underdeveloped in most U.S. hospitals and care centers. The medical plan is divided in four main strategies:

  • Care-team Alignment- hospital administration, clinical staff , trained hospital COPD coordinator and main physician full involvement in the patient’s care.
  • In-patient  Hospital Care Plan- diagnosis and treatment, followed by the patient’s training in equipment and daily rituals for management of COPD.
  • Outpatient Home Care Plan- Easy access of patients to the clinican when in risk of exacerbation, regular reports to insure maintenance of proper treatment and “Daily rituals” plan.
  • Home-Care Devices- set of devices for COPD management, namely Home oxygen and airway clearance devices, a pulse oximeter and an MDI spacer.

Highlighting the promising future results of this medical plan, Fread Hunter, Tri-anim Health Services Vice President of Marketing, also stated in a press release, “November is National COPD Awareness Month and Nonin’s COPD STEP Plan is just the latest example of our shared commitment to providing value-added products and programs that reduce costs and make a positive impact on patient care.”

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