6 Ways to Manage Your Health When You Have Pulmonary Fibrosis


Eat well
You might think you don’t eat all that bad, but that doesn’t mean you eat well. Junk food doesn’t help your health in any way. Swapping it for healthier choices like vegetables, fruits, fish and foods that are low in cholesterol and fat, can make a very big difference. Some also suggest eating smaller meals more often, so that your stomach never gets too full, which can make it harder to breathe. If you do decide to change your diet, you should consult with either your doctor or a nutritionist before you begin.

Don’t smoke
This should be obvious but if you have PF and are still smoking, it’s important to stop. Quitting might require quite a bit of help, but smoking is one of the worst things you can do if you have a disease that affects your respiratory system. If you don’t smoke or are currently quitting please remember that secondhand smoke is just as bad, so speak with your family, friends or coworkers and explain the situation so they’ll know not to smoke around you.

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