Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Releases Online Educational Materials

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation has released a series of educational materials designed to help patients and caregivers manage the disease. The information is also available to nurses and doctors who may find themselves looking after PF patients.

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There are three guides available: the Pulmonary Fibrosis Information Guide, which is available in nine languages and covers various aspect of the disease including diagnosis, treatment, health maintenance and advice for caregivers; the Physician’s Notepad; and a Disease Awareness Poster. The guides are available as downloadable PDFs or you can request hard copies of the literature.

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  1. Prakash J. Lakhapate says:

    My wife Mrs Asha Lakhapate was diagnosed IPF in Jan 2007.We had to stop the steroid treatment (Prednesone) due to side effects.We switched over to Ayurveda Medicines and life style change was made.
    Although IPF was in good control for 11 years , she died of heart attack in March 2017.
    Anybody interested in free guidance can contact me.
    Dhanyavad !!!
    Prakash J. Lakhapate

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