Finalists for $1 million IPF Catalyst Challenge Includes patientMpower

Finalists for $1 million IPF Catalyst Challenge Includes patientMpower

PatientMpower is one of the selected finalists of the IPF Catalyst Challenge to receive $1 million to fund research into idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

The IPF Catalyst Challenge, being held today in Chicago, Illinois, aims to engage global innovators and entrepreneurs to fund the most promising ideas for improving the lives of IPF patients and their caregivers. The prize was implemented to support four categories: early diagnosis and detection; patient education and engagement; oxygen improvement; and improving the care continuum.

PatientMpower has developed a no-cost mobile application to empower patients to manage their treatment, while connecting them with their healthcare team, caregivers, and peers.

“Since we started working in IPF in 2016 we have received fantastic support from IPF patients and healthcare professionals. It is their feedback and advice that has helped build our current IPF solution,” Eamonn Costello, CEO of patientMpower, said in a press release.

With integrated monitors, the app allows patients to send and receive data on their lung function (based on spirometry tests), oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry), breathlessness, and treatments, among other valuable tools.

“We have identified that information collected from the patientMpower platform in our digital biobank is a unique resource of real-life patient data” said Colin Edwards, chief scientific officer at patientMpower. “With appropriate funding we can develop analytic capabilities which have the potential to provide new insights for patients, researchers and healthcare providers in IPF”.

If they are selected to receive the IPF Catalyst Challenge prize, the funding will support further development of the platform. The patientMpower 2.0 version will include new features such as caregiver and mentor apps, helping patients to participate in clinical trials, improved educational information, and others.

“We continue to engage with our users and those involved in IPF to constantly evolve our platform” Eamonn said. “This is why we are very excited to be finalists in the IPF Catalyst Challenge. The funding available will help us achieve our aim of helping tens of thousands of people with IPF … ”

patientMpower and the eight other finalists will have the chance to pitch their ideas Jan. 24 at the Chicago headquarters of MATTER, which has organized the contest along with Three Lakes Partners, IDEO and Common Pool. Up to three projects will be selected by a committee to receive the $1 million prize.

Other selected finalists of the IPF Catalyst Challenge are:

For more information about IPF Catalyst Challenge and today’s event, please visit this link.

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