More information on lung disease-related clinical trials in your area will be posted on Lung Disease News soon. If you are interested in receiving information on clinical trials for experimental lung disease-related therapies, please contact us using the contact form below:

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  1. Norman Sullivan says:

    I’m very interested in receiving information and consideration as a subject in any COPD clinical trials. I’m a 67 yr. old male who was socked to find out that I had to have a Quintuple (5) bypass which occurred in June of this year. Luckily I did not have a heart attack and sustained no damage to my heart. I rehabbed,walking 2 to 3 miles a day, working out and even started playing golf again. Suddenly had and episode which was believed to be bronchial pneumonia that landed me back in the hospital. After my release I was diagnosed with stage 3 COPD (Emphysema). It’s my understand that I’m facing many changes as my disease progresses. I would greatly appreciate being considered as clinical trial subject. Thank You

  2. Doug says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 COPD 2 years ago. I would be very interested in participating and receiving information on stem cell therapy or any other clinical studies for COPD.

  3. IRENE W CONKLIN says:

    I am very interested in clinical trials for COPD and stem cells.
    Actually any clinical trials for COPD, I also have CHF (congestive heart failure) so I would do trials for both. I am 66 almost 67 and my COPD is severe Have a wonderful year!

  4. IRENE W CONKLIN says:

    I am very interested in clinical trials for COPD and stem cells.
    Actually, any clinical trials for COPD. I am 66 almost 67 and my COPD is severe. Have a wonderful year!.

  5. Cindy Mills says:

    Comment: I would like more information on the clinical studies for Copd. I am in stage 3. I am disabled and live on oxygen level 3 24/7 along with a lot of medications. I have been in and out of the hospital along with rehab 3 times since November. I have been researching stem cell and I
    feel like this is the answer to getting my life back. Thank you for your time. I Pray you would consider me for a trial. I am the only living parent to my oldest children.

  6. Terald D Blakey says:

    I was misdiagnosed in 1016 but in 2018 I was informed
    that I have IPF. I Have read all I could to understand my situation but now I need the help of true professionals that care and that are blessed with the knowledge and scientific Skills to help me, sincerely
    Terald D Blakey

  7. Ding Ma says:

    I was diagnosed to have IPF Feb. 2018. And I went to the Advanced Lung Disease Center of The Cedars Cinai Hospital Medical Ctr. to accept treatments. Now I take Esbriet for 2nd week which means I take 2 tablet of 267mg each TID. And inhaling the oxygen. I am interested for advanced clinical trials of IPF.

  8. Merle D Hostetler says:

    I am interested in clinical trials of stem cells for pulmonary disease. Would like to know when applications are being accepted should the trials include the Dx Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia, with pulmonary fibrosis.

  9. Carol Soppe says:

    I’m interested in learning more about stem cell clinical trials that focus on regenerating lung tissue. My mom has bronchiectasis (40+ years) and MAC (8+ years). Although she lives in San Diego, she has a sister in N.C. so traveling for a study is possible.

  10. Steve (Care Provider) says:

    My wife has Stage IV lung cancer with the ALK gene. She had part of her lung removed through surgery 6 years ago and went through Chemo Therapy (Alimta) and experienced a 6 month remission. She was then placed on Xalkori and experienced remission for 1 1/2 years. After the cancer metastasized to her bones and brain, she was placed on Alectinib (Alecensca) and was in remission for 4 years. They now believe that she has a possible lesion on her hip and she is having a CT scan to confirm it. If the Alectinib has stopped working, we would be interested in any clinical trial that may help her including immunotherapy. We live is Southern California.

  11. Dan Devine says:

    I have been diagnosed with IPF.
    I’m still active and working. But the MRIs are showing progression.
    I believe stem cell therapy would be very helpful.
    How could I be considered a candidate for a clinical trial?

  12. Catherine Reich says:

    Very interested in being part of clinical trials but can not get your form to request being part of trials. I have pulmonary fibrosis. I am very excited to see that trials are occurring for the lungs.

  13. ANNE REISS RN says:

    Hello, I am a 56 year old woman with Bronchiectasis that interferes with my life. Please I would love to hear about any clinical trials for stem cell therapy. Thank you!

  14. Christy Weifenbach says:

    I have been waiting so very patiently for these trials to begin. I am 61 yrs of age, diagnosed severe copd at age 47. I currently participate in rehab and am still able to take care of myself, my husband, our home ect.
    I would love a chance to be considered for this trial.
    Thank you,
    Christy Weifenbach

  15. Thomas Towers says:

    Please help me my daughter was just killed now my husband diagnosed with very severe cops he would sign up right now for any stem cell therapy clinic trial

  16. Richard Ragsdale says:

    Would love to be included in any clinical trials for lung therapy. I’ve had COPD and emphysema for last 20yrs. Any relief welcome. I’ve read about stem cell research concerning lung sacs in rats. Willing to volunteer when ready for human testing. Thank you for your posting.

  17. Robert Kurten says:

    my name is Robert Kurten I have pulmonary fibrosis intremiAdate stage ive had it for 5 plus years gradually getting worse iam 69 yeARS OLD WOULD BE VERY INTERESTED IN AND CLINICAL TRIALS IN MY AREA PLEASE NOTIFITY ME ITHERE MAY BE ANY THANK YOU ROBERT KURTEN

  18. Rosanna says:

    I have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis following lung biopsies performed by the Mayo clinic. I am very interested in taking part in the stem cell trials for lung issues.
    Many thanks.

  19. Martine Cantler says:

    I suffer from severe emphysema and am absolutely interested in any and all clinical trials. I do have endobronchial valve implants as part of a previous trial, The VENT trial in 2005.

  20. Bill di Girolamo says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a 60 year old male with COPD and have participated in other trials for inhalent medications and am an excellent and reliable participant; I’m certain that the trials Dr, Dr James Pearl from California Research would give me an excellent recommendation and complete records for your review. I have been hoping for and faithfully looking for this very type of research to move forward with these specific cells, forming spheroidal lung cells.

    I can promise you my full commitment and 100% cooperation and diligence if you can please include me in these trials. Feel free to contact me (please) at any time.


    Bill di Girolamo

  21. My Mother has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis after suffering from pneumonia and we are searching for help to make her healthy again. She is on oxygen and is down to 85 lbs…we are interested in getting her into the clinical
    trials for this invasive illness. She is amazingly resilient. Please help us. Thank you.
    Alison Combs Albritton

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