Pulmatrix Acquires Two More Patents for iSPERSE Technology For Pulmonary Disease Treatments

Pulmatrix Acquires Two More Patents for iSPERSE Technology For Pulmonary Disease Treatments

Pulmatrix, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing inhaled therapies to address serious pulmonary diseases, has announced the award of 2 new patents (U.S. Patent # 8,992,983 and U.S. patent # 9,061,352) from the US Patent and Trademark Office that cover the formulation of its iSPERSE™ (Inhaled Small Particles Easily Respirable and Emitted) technology, and associated methods for treating patients with respirable dry powders. iSPERSE’s unique composition of salts and amino acids was designed to produce small yet dense particles that can enhance the delivery of pulmonary disease treatments. The newly granted patents now bring Pulmatrix’s global portfolio of patents to 36, covering iSPERSE until 2030 at the soonest.

“These issuances build upon previously issued international patents and reflect our aggressive strategy to broadly protect the global IP position of our core iSPERSE™ technology,” said Robert W. Clarke, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Pulmatrix. “Our issued and pending patents are the result of the research and development conducted in our labs and which formed the basis for our most advanced clinical-stage candidate, a branded generic bronchodilator for COPD, and our proprietary development candidate, an anti-fungal for cystic fibrosis. We look forward to the receipt of additional patents covering distinct as well as overlapping components and combinations of our iSPERSE™ technology and drug development candidates.”

The Company is determined to bring iSPERSE development and regulatory approval to completion as it offers better treatment delivery, compared to today’s nebulizers, metered dose inhalers, and conventional lactose blend dry powder inhalers. Aside from more effective delivery to the airways, studies have shown this technology can significantly reduce side effects.

“These patent grants further validate the novelty and relevance of the iSPERSE™ technology,” said David Hava, Ph.D., chief scientific officer for Pulmatrix. “Specifically, they recognize the uniqueness of our ability to produce aerodynamically small, dense powders that maintain remarkable dispersibility profiles across a range of drug classes and underscore the differentiation of our technology from conventional and earlier particle engineering approaches.”

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