IASLC To Host 2015 World Conference On Lung Cancer

IASLC To Host 2015 World Conference On Lung Cancer

The 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) will be held by The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) from September 6 to 9, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. The conference is the world’s largest meeting focusing on lung cancer and several thoracic malignancies. It unites over 7,000 researchers, physicians and experts from 100 different countries. The conference brings together the world’s greatest minds to raise awareness and support the  advancement and implement new technology. For the very first time, the conference will integrate special educational programs for nurses, community practices and advocates.

“Thousands of experts representing dozens of specialties share a single goal: conquering the lung and thoracic cancers that account for nearly a third of all cancer deaths worldwide – more than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined. Unprecedented collaboration and advanced science in medical research and treatment is critical to progress and success. IASLC is committed to guaranteeing that collaboration by creating engaging and rigorous conferences, timed to present leading discoveries in the fight against lung cancer,” said the CEO of IASLC, Dr. Fred R. Hirsch.

A wide range of disciplines will be represented at the conference, and 3,000 research studies and clinical trial outcomes will be shared through mini-oral, oral, and poster sessions. The main theme of the meeting is “Fighting Lung Cancer,” and the sub-themes will include “Lung Cancer Prevention and Screening,” “Lung Cancer: A Women’s Disease,” and “Science Drives Lung Cancer Advances.” In addition, Educational sessions, Exhibit showcase sessions and a Young Investigator’s Session will also be offered at the conference.

“From basic science to molecular targeted therapies, the array of scientific discovery that will be shared in Denver is remarkable,” Dr. Hirsch added. “It is a great pleasure and an honor to extend a warm welcome to the 16th IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer in beautiful Colorado.”

IASLC is designed to help train researchers in early stages of their careers and includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, basic research scientists, nurses, allied health professionals, advocates, caregivers and patients.

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