4 Breathing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

We breathe every day. For some of us, this process is simple and we don’t think too much about it. For others, it’s a constant struggle that requires a lot of concentration and effort.

For all of us, it’s important we’re aware that there’s a right—and wrong—way to breathe. If you suffer from a lung condition, like pulmonary fibrosis, these tips are even more critical.


1. You’re not exhaling enough when you exercise.

According to prevention.com, one of the key components of effective exercise is proper breathing, which can be even more difficult if you have a lung condition. When your body is challenged, most of us tense up, which restricts our breathing and forces us to take short, shallow breaths. Make sure you focus just as much on the way you’re breathing as what you’re doing to get the most out of your exercise routine.

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  1. Vickie Dennis says:

    Deep long breaths made a difference I feel better , I will not forget this feeling from deep breathing it will be repeated often daily.

  2. Henry F Galligan says:

    Ihave severe copd and i can’t believe the differance in me with the deep breathing i feel so much better wish i had done it a long time ago. And it is hard to concentrate on it but well worth the trouble to make sure u do it right.

  3. Glen Hill says:

    Learnig to breath properly and “making it a habit” was the most difficult part of learning to control and manage COPD for me . . and it’s been well over a score of years since my emphysema diagnosis, over a decade since the COPD diagnosis and there are occasions I have “anxiety or even stress attacks” because I can’t pull in that breath I need !

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